We are always on the look out for new people and we welcome applications from all levels: local and international.

Join us as an undergraduate

Looking to get some experience in a research laboratory? Part-time work during the semester? Honors project? We have lots for you to do.

As a prospective honours student you are encouraged to take up a Level 3000 UROPS Project. We are glad to host UROPS, if you want to take part in an UROPS project, contact Murray ahead of time, so that we can sort out the project details. The same holds true for other arrangements such as Level 2000 UROPS or SPS projects. And for you students outside NUS: We have had good experience hosting exchange student projects of all kinds so feel free to contact us.

Honours projects are the first opportunity you will have to get a longer project going in the lab. And thus they are a great opportunity for you. We usually only propose honours projects if we have already prospective candidates. If you are interested please contact Murray ahead of time. Be sure to do so by the end of your third year, but preferably even earlier.

Pursue a PhD with us

We are embedded in the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) here at the National University of Singapore. You may therefore consider joining us under the CQT PhD Programme. If you are interested contact Murray and send him your CV including contact details of three references and a statement about your research interests. We will contact you for further information.

Post-Doc Positions

To inquire for Post-Doc positions please contact Murray Barrett and send him your CV, including contact details of three references, and a statement about your research interests. Be sure to state your previous research activities and how you might contribute to our activities.