Photos of the Quantum Metrology Lab, December 2018

Welcome to the Quantum Metrology Group at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore. We are broadly interested in high precision metrology and currently developing an optical clock based on singly charged lutetium ions (Lu+). Our group pioneered the use of Lu+ for optical clock applications and has established its key atomic properties relevant to clock performance. Our work has shown that these properties are favorable compared to any other clock candidate under active investigation.

These pages host more information about the research we are doing and the people behind it. If you are interested in our work, we are always looking for motivated and talented people to join our team.

September 2019
Fun video [] on clocks featured at QUANTUM: The Exhibition (showing at the Singapore Science Centre until Jan 2020)
August 2019
Feature article in Bloomberg Business
May 2019
Supression of inhomogenous broadening in multi-ion Lu+ clock